Slots Online: A New Way to Play

The Basics

The slot machine is one of the most common sites in any casino and these shiny, flashing machines are responsible for drawing more potential gamblers into casinos than any other game. The reason is simple. Unlike any other casino game, either online or offline, slots have the potential to pay the largest jackpots on a single play. A small bet, just a few dollars, can lead to a jackpot of millions of dollars. This section gives you not only information about how to play online slots but also a short history of the game and a description of the differences between real-life and online slots. The online slots can also be free casino games.

A History

The slot machine has been in use since it´s invention by a cable car mechanic in San Francisco named Charles Fey invented the Liberty Bell in 1895. This primitive machine had only three wheels and each wheel had four symbols. The symbols were the cracked liberty bell, and the diamonds, hearts and spade symbols used on playing cards to this day. The original Liberty Bell slot machine is still on exhibit in Reno, Nevada at the Liberty Bell Saloon and Restaurant. Since that time slot machines popularity have become widespread. In Nevada for instance you can find a slot machine in nearly every business from the big casino hotels in Las Vegas to small gas stations in Stateline, Nevada. Online slots are just as popular with most players spending at least some time on the game. The simplicity of the slot game is the second largest reason for its popularity. Simply pull a lever and the wheels spin.

Real-life Slots vs. Online Slots

When you pull the lever on a real slot machine the mechanism inside will put a coiled spring under tension. This tension causes the wheels to spin. When the tension is released the wheels stop spinning. The tension on each wheel is calibrated to deliver a random spinning time for each symbol. Many people believe that each slot has only one payout, three of one kind, and this is not true. Payouts are given on combinations of symbols and all four symbols have different payouts. The reels are marked with slots to tell the machine which slots bonus is to be paid.

Online slots work in very nearly the same manner. Instead of having a slot in each wheel however, when you click on the button the software uses a random number generator, linked to each wheel that signals the wheel to stop spinning at a certain point. Because of this innate flexibility the casinos are able to offer more of slots bonus, multiple payouts and betting lines and even side games to keep the excitement and fun at high levels.

Finding the Best

No wonder you are looking for the best online casino games in the cyber space. It is wise to use the Guide to Casinos in order to locate that very spot, which will bring you luck and which will be the one among many online casinos.