The Majestic Game of Roulette

It has been said that roulette is a negative expectation casino game. Simply put, this means that in the long run the house always wins. However, the good news is that in the short term anything is possible. When deciding whether to play roulette, it is important to separate fact from fiction. Once the wheel is in motion and the ball is spinning, there is nothing you can do to turn the odds in your favour. In fact, everything you do in respect of your chosen roulette strategy is selected prior to your wager. A closer examination of roulette betting strategies allows for greater clarification. To begin, it is necessary to eliminate 5 roulette falsehoods:

  • You can alter the house edge with your betting strategy – false
  • All roulette games have the same house edge – false
  • If you have just won a big roulette payout, you won't win again for a while – false
  • You can use mathematics to overcome the house edge in roulette – false
  • It is possible to find biased roulette wheels at online casinos – false

Roulette myths are the stuff of legend. They've been passed down by gamblers through the ages. While there is no surefire way to guarantee a winning outcome in roulette, there are ways to aim for greater consistency in your payouts, to employ bankroll management and to derive greater enjoyment from the game. Viewed in perspective, it is clear that winning is not so elusive in the majestic game of roulette. Below are 5 roulette truths that will serve you well during your online gaming endeavors:

  • Always practice roulette games online for free before you play for real.
  • Choose European roulette over American roulette since the house edge is 2.70% as opposed to 5.26%.
  • When you're ready for real money play, set a budget and do not deviate from it. You may wish to allocate time segments to your gambling sessions.
  • Inside bets have the highest payouts with the lowest probabilities of coming good; outside bets have the lowest payouts with the highest probabilities of coming good.
  • There are rules in roulette games that actually lower the house edge dramatically like La Partage


Naturally, there are many more tips that can assist you while you're playing roulette. It's important to set up budget before you play for real. This is especially true in games of chance where your budget is your lifeline. The goal is to maximize returns in the short term – that's when anything is possible. Avoid falling for those snake oil salesmen who promise guaranteed returns with their roulette betting strategies. There is no roulette strategy on the planet that can guarantee payouts, unless the roulette wheel is biased or the dealer is in on the scam. Even strategies like the renowned Martingale System, which attempts to win back money you've lost by doubling your bets every time you lose, is a foolhardy method. First of all, you'll be hard-pressed to find a table that allows you to continually double your bets and secondly, your bankroll simply will not last that long.

The Best Strategies for Roulette

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Finding the Best

No wonder you are looking for the best online casino games in the cyber space. It is wise to use the Guide to Casinos in order to locate that very spot, which will bring you luck and which will be the one among many online casinos.