Video Poker Tips


Video Poker machines are almost always based on the game of draw poker with the five card version. The game is very different also in that you are not playing any other players. This is a game of man against machine. Since you cannot bluff a machine one important dimension of the game has changed drastically and you will have to rely on your ability to judge the odds of getting a certain hand, based on the pay tables that are used to calculate the winner. These pay tables look only at the ranking of the cards and normal poker values, except the basic rankings, do not apply. In other words, a pair of aces is only valuable as a pair, with no other value. In a draw poker you are dealt your cards, either five or seven, and you will have the option of exchanging any number of the cards in your hand to new ones to make a better hand.

One Style of Play

On a video poker machine the amount you are paid for your hand is based on the pay tables. These tables use the poker basic ranking system and the amount you are paid, and to judge your payout. Play can be simple with a few video poker tips. One thing to remember though. The higher value of the hand, the higher the odds of getting that hand. The high ranking hands have a much higher payout but the risk also increases substantially.

One style of play is to consider the odds of getting a specific card or cards. A Royal Flush, the highest ranking hand, is a ten, King, Queen, King, and Ace of one suit. If you are trying to draw to complete the hand, assuming you have four of the five, it is obvious that you will have a better chance of drawing an ace or a ten then say a Jack or Queen. Betting on the Jack, Queen or King in this situation is called betting on an inside straight. This is never a good idea because you have less than a 5% chance of getting your card.

You must also keep in mind that in video poker does not rank suits. Even if you have four aces this does not guarantee beating another hand of four aces. A pair is a pair and four of a kind is four of a kind. You can also try blackjack.

Finding the Best

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